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Pygora Goats were originally bred by Katherine Jorgenson in Oregon during the 1970’s. Her goal was to obtain a fiber with a mix of the long, lustrous mohair of Angora goats and the soft, downy undercoat of Pygmy goats. Their fine fiber is similar to cashmere and can be comfortably worn next to the skin. Pygora Goats love to play, are affectionate, loaded with personality and are very attached to their ‘people’. Our goats are members of the Pygora Breeders Association, which was established in 1987 (see below for additional information).


PBA_Pygora-Goats_logoPygora Breeders Association – The PBA is dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the Pygora goat. The PBA provides leadership in the promotion of the Pygora as a fleece-producing animal, pet and companion nationwide. We encourage ethical practices that will contribute to the long-term expansion of the Pygora market. We offer social, business and educational opportunities to our members. We also are committed to youth education, including but not exclusive to, 4-H and FFA.

The word “Pygora™” is proprietary to the Pygora Breeders Association and may be used only for goats registered with the PBA and the products from those goats.