We have several miniature donkeys for sale at this time including the ones listed below. We have a great selection so give us a jingle and we can see if we have what you are looking for. Our donkeys are sold in pairs and come with a new halter and lead rope, health records, a limited return policy as stated in our purchase agreement and access to a wealth of information from us. We love to keep in contact with you and provide any assistance as needed.

Crown-Meadow_Gallery-MD_fonzie Crown-Meadow_Gallery-MD_fonzie-peg

Crown Meadow Fonzie

34″ Brown with full leg garters – April 21, 2004

Sire: Mini Pleasures Red Wrangler
Dam: Crown Meadow Kayla

Crown-Meadow_Miniature-Donkeys_For-Sale_porter2 Crown-Meadow_Miniature-Donkeys_For-Sale_porter1

Crown Meadow Harry Porter

Black/Brown – March 20, 2008

Sire: Windcrest Little Dynamite
Dam: Crown Meadow Barley

Crown-Meadow_Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale_tangelo3 Crown-Meadow_Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale_tangelo2

Crown Meadow Tangelo

Red Gelding – June 1, 2011

Sire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac
Dam: Crown Meadow Valencia

Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale-Tbird-TaraAlice Crown-Meadow_Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale_t-bird

Crown Meadow T-Bird

Red Gelding – April 14, 2011

Sire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac
Dam: MGF Tara Alice

Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale-Bing-Cherry Crown-Meadow_Gallery-Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale_Bing3

Crown Meadow Bing Cherry

Dark Red Jennet – May 19, 2012

Sire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac
Dam: Mini Pleasures Memorial

Crown-Meadow_Gallery-Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale_Markee1 Miniature-Donkeys-For-Sale-Markee2

Crown Meadow Markee

Light Gray Jennet – June 2, 2012

Sire: Rocky Point Scotch Whiskey
Dam: Bella


More from Crown Meadow

This is just a small sampling of our miniature donkeys for sale. More sale donkeys will be added shortly so please check back often as the page is being updated continuously. If you are looking for something specific please email or call as we have a variety of donkeys for sale.